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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 February 2016 15:00

Melvin "Mel" Parker Award

Written by Administrator

MD District Amateur Athletic Union annually recognizes the memory, the many leadership contributions, and the coaching accomplishments of the late Mr. Melvin “Mel” Parker.

A longtime coach of boys and girls basketball, Mr. Parker contributed significantly to the advancement of amateur athletics in Maryland. This is attested to by his 10 year tenure as President of the Maryland District of the Amateur Athletic Union and 10 years in leadership roles with the Peninsula Athletic League as basketball chairman and coach.

The Melvin “Mel” Parker Award is awarded annually to the top male and female athlete who achieves a high standard of performance in AAU sanctioned district, regional, or national competition. The award is presented to two individuals under the age of 18, in recognition of their commitment and achievement in their chosen sport. The athlete may have participated in an individual or team sport. The honor was conceived as a way to focus attention on their participation in athletics, school and community activities, and qualities of leadership, character, and sportsmanship.

The awardees are honored at the Annual Maryland AAU Outstanding Athletes, Coaches and Volunteers Awards Banquet. The MD/AAU Sports Awards Banquet Committee invites athletes, coaches, volunteers, and others to nominate applicants. The deadline for submitting applications is October 8th.

For additional information, download the MEL PARKER APPLICATION PACKAGE (PDF), which includes Award Nomination information, Procedures & Applications, the Mel Parker story and more!